Torgo Talu Guesthouse
Torgo Talu Guesthouse sits in an old orchard by the Velise River where you can enjoy freedom from city life and immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of the countryside.
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"With Estonia’s small size you can squeeze in a trip outside the capital over a longer weekend. Rent a car and head to Torgo Farm, a guesthouse 100km from Tallinn. Enjoy a wood-fired sauna with a hot tub by the river and a meal from Estonian Canadian chef Kristina."

— DElicious Magazine UK, May 2018

"Such beautiful scenery & a lovely host- amazing for bird watching too!"

— Kira, April 2017

"Kristina is an incredible hostess! The cottage by the river is private and very quiet. A perfect visit to Torgo Talu includes a tasty dinner including Torgo-grown vegetables cooked by Kristina, a hot sauna followed by time in the hot tub overlooking the river and then crawling into a comfy bed in the cozy guest cottage. Morning wake up to birds chattering and coffee on the terrace. Perfection! Highly recommend!”

— Maimu, april 2017

"Relaxing escape from the city with excellent food, a family-friendly atmosphere and a great place to let your dog off the leash. Kristina is a wonderful hostess!"

— Kairi-Ly, May 2017

"We stayed here for Jaanipäev and it was perfect- peaceful, fresh air, delicious food. We loved the hot tub! Thanks, Kristina!"

— Erin, June 2017

"I stayed at Torgo Talu with friends at the very end of July and it was probably the best time I've had in Estonia so far! Kristina is an incredible hostess with an even more incredible gift for cooking and it doesn't get any better than a fantastic Sauna/hot tub/river jump combo with friends under the clear skies of an Estonian summer!"

— Robyn, July 2017