Torgo Talu Guesthouse
Torgo Talu Guesthouse sits in an old orchard by the Velise River where you can enjoy freedom from city life and immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of the countryside.



Getting here

Drive south on Pärnu mnt and turn off at Märjamaa (Circle K station will be at the exit). Follow the road through Märjamaa all the way to Vana-Vigala. Once you get to the end of the road at Vana-Vigala (before it turns into a dirt road), turn left. Follow that road and turn right at the sign pointing towards Avaste. (Do not turn at Rumba! You will be lost and I won’t know how to find you). Follow that road, keeping to the left when you reach the abandoned Soviet factory. You will then come to a bridge. Cross it and turn right immediately onto Kosejõe tee. Follow that road until Torgo Talu (about 1 km or so).