Torgo Talu Guesthouse
Torgo Talu Guesthouse sits in an old orchard by the Velise River where you can enjoy freedom from city life and immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of the countryside.
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About TOrgo talu


This cosy riverside guest cottage offers the perfect weekend escape. Located near the hamlet of Vana Vigala, Torgo Talu is about one hour and 15 minutes from Tallinn and 45 minutes from Pärnu.

In spring, the grounds at Torgo Talu come to life with daffodils and colourful tulips. Scents of fragrant apple tree blossoms and lilacs fill the air. During the summer months watch the garden come to life and in autumn enjoy the bounty of the harvest.

You can enjoy the gardens, riverside terrace, take walks in the rural countryside, or fish in the river. Couples can enjoy a secluded romantic weekend, while watching the sunset over the meandering river. In the evening, relax in the wood-fired hot tub, or rejuvenate in our traditional Estonian sauna. Bird watchers may see dozens of species right on the property or on a visit to nearby Matsalu National Park (20 minutes drive), one of Europe's best bird-watching sites.

The rich local farmland offers serenity. A few minutes drive away, explore the ancient manor of Vana-Vigala, the most prominent 18th-century Baltic manor, the mysterious marshes of Matsalu, or the quaint streets of nearby towns of Lihula and Märjamaa.